Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Switch Switch Paradise

Submitted by Hikari
Tiffany had been invited on a trip by one of her cousins named Ryan; however, on the day they headed out to the resort, everyone besides Ryan and Tiffany couldn't go, and the two went alone.

Once they got there, Tiffany quickly changed into her one piece swimming suit and went outdoors to see the outdoor swimming pool while Ryan sorted out the paperwork in the lobby. Tiffany looked out towards the nearby beach and could see people acting strangely. She notice a girl in a pink bikini laying in the low tides when suddenly a transparent ghost figure rose out from her body while another ghostly figure entered her body.

Just then Ryan called out to Tiffany who was about to leave the pool when her body froze as a ghostly figure of Ryan entered her as she blacked out with a sense of detachment from her body. When she reopened her eyes in Ryan body, she saw Ryan cutely posing in her body with a victory sign saying "Yay switch switch paradise! Permanent body swap big success!" Tiffany demanded to know what happened and Ryan replied back that she signed an agreement at the lobby allowing Ryan to switch with her and keep her new body as long as he or she wanted at will and that his or her former sweet cousin should read the papers given to them to sign.

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