Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Laser hair removal

Washington DC laser hair removal
For the past twenty years, Doug Cranston has been working hard in Washington DC to lobby members of Congress. The job often disgusted him. He felt like a hypocrite; often pushing disgusting anti-gay legislation despite his secret desire to become a woman. He had thought about undergoing surgery and getting laser hair removal, but even if he did so, he felt like he would never be a real woman--and it would severely undercut the ability to do his lobbying job!

His prayers were seemingly answered by the Great Shift, when everyone in the world switched bodies and Doug found himself in a woman's body. On a professional level, it was strange. He had expected the experience to give people more tolerance, but it was exactly the opposite. The folks that payed him seemed more intent than ever to pass legislation encouraging traditional gender roles. On a personal level, Doug was surprised at just how hairy some women were! He had to shave his legs every day. It was only about a month before he decided to shell out the money for some laser treatment to remove most of the hair on his body permanently. It was all worth it; in the end, he loved his female body, especially how smooth the laser hair removal made his legs!