Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Submitted by Will H.

Jenna has always had a hard time walking her dog Bruce. She'd have to force his collar on everyday. Bruce hated having to be walked on a leash. Jenna had tried every possible method she could find on the Internet that would help her situation. She finally consulted her Veterinarian about this problem and he told her about this revolutionary new leash that he was developing. Reluctantly, Jenna agreed to try out his new leash.

The next day, Jenna fastened the leash on Bruce and walked a couple feet. She noticed things were changing all around her as she walked a little more. After a couple more steps, she realized she had gotten slot shorter. Jenna then felt a leash on her neck! She looked back to see that it was herself holding the other end.
Her other self looked down and said, "I like this much better."

She quickly gathered that she and Bruce must've switched bodies with the leash. From that day on, Bruce and Jenna went out on walks everyday, with Bruce holding the leash this time.

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