Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Strip club

When Alex discovered a strange magical spell that would allow two people to switch bodies, he was ecstatic. All he needed was to cast one half of the spell on an object as an anchor, and then cast the other half of the spell while that anchor was in another person's possession. His devious plan had him cast a spell on a dollar bill, and then he made a quick trip to the strip club. As Alex cast the second half of the spell, Denise's eyes glowed a bright red as he started possessing her body. Alex didn't really have much interest in being a stripper, but he had a huge interest in becoming a woman, and the strip club was the only way he figured that this would work!


  1. Now this caption is brilliant, very sexy!! I LOVE possession spells, and who wouldn't steal a body like that? ;) Thanks!

  2. Clever trick! With brains AND a body like that, she's going to go far!

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