Friday, August 24, 2012


Julien had noticed that his best pal and roommate Tyler had been pretty depressed since he got dumped. Being a good friend (and a bit of a chauvinist) he decided to call up an escort service to hire a woman to cheer Tyler up. The gruff-voiced guy on the other end of the phone cited a pretty high price for a call girl; Julien tried to ask for something a little cheaper. There was a pause on the line and the man on the other end told Julien he had a very cheap option, but he may not like it. Julien insisted and asked how long it would take. The man told it should only be a few minutes; he just needed to hold on the line. A high pitched noise came out and in the next few minutes Julien was transformed. It wasn't just his body transforming either, it was also his mind. He could only think of sex and pleasing men. He knew that he couldn't deny any request said to him by a man. These transformations had just finished when Tyler entered the room. Julien smiled; he wanted to please this man.

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